Asymmetrical Breast Augmentation in Troy

Asymmetrical Breast Augmentation in Troy

While having breasts of different sizes is entirely natural, some women find this asymmetry affects their confidence in intimate relationships and when wearing more form-fitting clothes. To help you feel better about your body, a skilled plastic surgeon can perform a breast augmentation using different size implants to bring symmetry to the size and shape of your breasts.

As someone who knows what it feels like to be a patient, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Danielle DeLuca-Pytell offers a comfortable environment for you to discuss your aesthetic concerns. She spends the time to get to know you to design a breast surgery plan tailored to your goals. Find out more about asymmetrical breast augmentation in Troy by contacting our team today.

Preparing for an Asymmetrical Breast Augmentation

Should you decide to pursue a breast augmentation to correct asymmetrical breasts, our Troy team can help you choose the type, shape, and size of implants to help you achieve your ideal figure. Your initial consultation is an excellent time to ask questions or voice concerns about your procedure, and we provide as much information as possible to ensure you feel comfortable and confident in your decision.

During your initial consultation, Dr. DeLuca-Pytell walks you through your options for breast enhancement. She reviews your medical history for chronic health conditions or allergies—please be sure to mention any medications, supplements, or vitamins you are taking, so the doctor can determine if any of them pose a risk of complications during surgery.

What To Expect During Your Procedure

Dr. DeLuca-Pytell performs asymmetrical breast enlargement surgeries under general anesthesia. She begins the procedure by making a small, strategic incision below the breast.

Through the incision, the doctor creates a pocket underneath your breast tissue or muscle. She then places a silicone or saline implant in this pocket to create symmetry in the size of both breasts. She finishes the procedure by stitching the incisions closed, ensuring they are as carefully concealed as possible.

Recovering From Asymmetrical Breast Augmentation Surgery

Following an asymmetrical breast augmentation surgery, Dr. DeLuca-Pytell provides patients in Troy with sterile strips over their incisions they wear for one week. Patients should also dedicate at least two weeks to rest and relaxation. During this rest period, we recommend abstaining from vigorous physical activity, including working out or going to the gym. You should also try to take good care of your post-surgery body with a healthy diet.

When given the all-clear by the doctor, you can resume your normal exercise routine. We will provide you with personalized instructions for a smooth and optimal recovery. Be sure to attend follow-up appointments as scheduled and communicate any concerns you have along the way.

Call a Troy Plastic Surgeon To Discuss Your Asymmetrical Breast Augmentation

Our team takes pride in our personalized approach to patients. Dr. DeLuca-Pytell performs both symmetrical and asymmetrical breast augmentations as well as breast reductions, reconstructions, and lifts. She listens to you and your desires in order to design a procedure plan that you feel comfortable with and are confident in pursuing.

Asymmetrical breast correction surgery can be life-changing for a patient, helping restore your confidence in your social, romantic, and professional life. Call Dr. DeLuca-Pytell today to schedule your initial consultation for an asymmetrical breast augmentation in Troy.

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