Back Lift in Troy

Back Lift in Troy

For patients who have lost a significant amount of weight, excess skin may drape at the upper back, a continuation of excess skin from the side of the breast. An upper body lift removes the excess skin to firm the appearance of the upper back. Similarly, at the lower back, excess skin may extend as a roll or flap past the hips extending over or elongating the buttocks. A belt lipectomy removes this excess skin and may also improve the appearance of the buttock. To learn more about whether you are a good candidate for an upper body lift in Troy, give us a call to discuss your surgical options.

How the Upper Back Is Lifted

The upper back lift places the scar in the bra strap area and removes excess skin confined to the upper back. A scar going across the back is utilized for firming this tissue. The excess skin and fatty tissue are removed and the skin closed with sutures. A compression garment will need to be worn to help reduce swelling for about six weeks.

How the Lower Back Is Lifted

For the removal of excess skin of the lower back, the scar is placed above the buttocks and extends to the midline of the back. Often, this blends past the hip with an abdominoplasty scar. The excess skin and fatty tissue is removed and the skin closed with sutures. A compression garment will need to be worn to help reduce swelling for about six weeks.


While the primary focus for body contouring after a massive weight loss is the front side of the body, weight loss occurs on the back side as well. An upper body lift and belt lipectomy improve the excess skin of the back to remove the hanging excess skin there. Patients report fitting better in clothing and report improved appearance.


The scars will be permanent, and in the case of the upper back lift, visible crossing the back if not covered by clothing. Bending at the waist must be restricted during healing to avoid pulling on the incision as it heals.

Who Pays for This?

This is a cosmetic procedure, paid for by the patient.

Length of Operation

2 – 6 hours (depending on the extent of the procedure).

Anesthesia Used

General anesthesia, you will be asleep and monitored the entire time.

In or Out Patient

Outpatient, you will go home the same day.

Side Effects

Temporary swelling, bruising, and pain. Wound healing delays requiring additional care such as dressings may occur.

Risks of Procedure

All surgery carries risk. I recommend patients carefully weigh the benefits of having surgery against the potential risks which may arise. Risks include pain, bleeding, infection, bleeding, damage to nearby structures, need for additional operations, recurrence, incomplete improvement, asymmetry, dissatisfaction with result, permanent scars, unattractive scars, sensory changes, wound healing delays requiring wound care, deep vein thrombosis, and pulmonary embolus. A complete list of risks will be discussed with you before surgery.

Learn More About Upper Body Lifts in Troy

If you are unhappy with extra skin on your back, we could help you understand your cosmetic options for enhancing your appearance. To discuss upper body lifts in Troy with an experienced professional, give us a call today and set up your initial consultation.

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