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Home Recovery Products
Home Recovery Products

I have compiled a suggested list of products that you may find helpful during your recovery. While I do receive a small commission from Amazon for anything purchased from these links, there is no requirement to purchase from Amazon or use these brands if you find something else you prefer.

For all surgeries, these items are helpful for home recovery:

A serious complication of surgery is the formation of deep vein thrombosis or DVT. Everyone has some risk of forming one under general anesthesia due to a lack of muscle movement in the lower extremities. There are things we do in the operating room to reduce that risk, including stockings that mechanically squeeze the legs to help move venous blood back towards the heart. Here are some items for home use that reduce the risk of forming a DVT. They can also help reduce swelling in the legs postoperatively.

FIT KING Leg Massager for Circulation and Muscle Relaxation



Most of the women who have surgery are surprised at my request for “princess treatment” during the first two weeks of recovery.  It’s hard–when you are used to going Going GOING–to suddenly slow down to recover.  Usually, the second week is the hardest:  Netflix binging may no longer hold its appeal, and you may be itching to do something.

That work/disorganized closet/overflowing plastic container cupboard will still be there when you are ALLOWED to be more active.  Try to use this time to chill out.

Here is a journal to use during that time:

Scar care doesn’t usually start until the second week after surgery.  Research has shown that scars mature best with MOISTURE and PRESSURE.  At first, I recommend Aquaphor ointment be used to massage the scars and surgical site.  Using this ointment helps reduce drag on the skin with massage.  Any nonscented moisturizer will do, but Aquaphor is available in most grocery and drug stores as well as online.

I suggest most patients sleep with their head elevated 45 degrees to reduce postoperative facial and breast swelling and reduce tension on the abdomen after a tummy tuck. A recliner is a great place to recover, but if you don’t have one, these are some wedge pillow ideas that may make it easier for sleeping in that “beach chair” position (note, if you have something similar at home, no need to purchase anything new!)

For Eyelid Surgery

After blepharoplasty, it is helpful to keep a cool compress on the eyelids for at least the first three days after surgery. This helps reduce swelling and bruising. While my favorite trick is to use a bag of frozen peas and a clean tea towel over the eyes for an inexpensive hack, here is a more luxurious version. It also works well for just getting some quiet time.

*Note: never leave on for more than 30 minutes, and use the pack cold, not hot!

For abdominoplasty and liposuction, these items are helpful for recovery:

While most procedures do not require a lot of dressing changes, the first few days after any procedure may see some drainage from incisions. It may be helpful to slip one of these pads under you to protect your linens and furniture. If you have had liposuction, you will definitely want to purchase these.

Compression garments are needed after tummy tucks and liposuction to help reduce swelling, assist in shaping, and supporting the muscles. They should be worn for the first two weeks around the clock, then during the day only. It may benefit some to wear them when they first return to exercise. The garment you choose MUST completely cover the area that was treated (up to the rib cage for a tummy tuck, over the shoulders for liposuction to the back, Capri length if you liposuction involved the knee area.) A butterfly crotch opening (aka pee hole) is helpful so you don’t have to constantly undress.

Here are some suggestions:

For Facial Surgery

After a facelift, the skin may feel stiff from swelling. You can try cupping at home to help reduce swelling, improve stiffness, and increase lymphatic drainage.

For All Patients (Pre and Post-Op)

I see people on every stage of their wellness journey, and almost everyone talks about weight and diet. Eating a diet that is full of whole, nutritious foods is better than any fad. I personally have had success using Portion Fix by Beachbody www.beachbody.com which, for a visual learner like me, showed me how much to eat.

I was surprised at the amount of healthy fat I could have each day! With suggested food lists and an easy to follow container system, I recommend this product highly for anyone looking to lose or maintain weight.

smartYOU Products 21 Day Portion Control Containers Kit – Nutrition Diet, Multi-Color Coded Weight Loss System. Complete Guide + PDF Planner + Recipe eBook and Tape Measure – BPA Free – 7 PC
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