Cherry Angioma Removal in Troy

Cherry Angioma Removal in Troy

If bright red cherry angiomas have been stealing your confidence, you are not alone. Dr. Danielle DeLuca-Pytell is a board-certified plastic surgeon who can help you reclaim your smooth, spot-free skin. With advanced techniques tailored to your needs, Dr. DeLuca-Pytell can make those pesky dots disappear for good.

Dr. DeLuca-Pytell takes a transparent, cautious approach to her work, recognizing that every patient’s skin journey is unique and not every procedure works for everyone. Regardless of your treatment plan, she prioritizes your comfort and natural-looking results.

Our patient-centered practice offers non-surgical and surgical procedures to restore your skin and confidence. If you are eager to banish those annoying angiomas, call our team about cherry angioma removal in Troy.

What Is Angioma? Spotlight on Cherry Angioma

Angiomas are benign growths of blood vessels. They are a type of tumor, but not the scary cancerous kind. Angiomas can appear in all sorts of places on your body, and scientists are not entirely sure why some people get them more than others. Genetics, age, or health conditions could all play a role.

The most common type is the cherry angioma, named after its bright cherry-red color. Unlike skin tags, which have a stalk extending from your skin, cherry angiomas are flat or slightly raised markings. While cherry angiomas often appear more as we get older, they can surprise anyone at any age.

Even if these markings are harmless, having them pop up is frustrating, especially on your face or other obvious spots. Not to mention, these marks can get itchy and irritated if your clothes rub them the wrong way. The good news is there are treatments available in Troy to remove cherry angiomas for good, helping you reclaim your smooth skin and confidence.

Treatment Options for Cherry Angioma

To get rid of pesky cherry angiomas once and for all, work with a professional cosmetic team. We understand how annoying those little red dots can be, but there is no need for you to put up with these challenges. Our Troy team has the tools and experience to remove cherry angiomas.

Dr. DeLuca-Pytell typically treats cherry angiomas with electro-cautery, zapping them with an electric current. Topical anesthetic, local anesthetic, or Pro-Nox can make this a more comfortable procedure as well.

Call Our Troy Office About Cherry Angioma Removal Options

When you catch a glimpse of a little cherry red angioma on your skin, it can become hard to focus on anything but that bright red spot. Fortunately, you have the option to take back control. Dr. DeLuca-Pytell knows how to make those annoying dots disappear for good, targeting just the angiomas to restore your smooth, beautiful skin.

You do not need to continue dealing with the annoyance and self-consciousness of having red spots on your skin. You can achieve lasting comfort and confidence with cherry angioma removal in Troy. Your skin is just waiting for that fresh start. Call Dr. DeLuca-Pytell today to schedule your consultation.

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