Body Sculpting in Troy

Body Sculpting in Troy

Stubborn fat or loose skin on your arms, belly, thighs, chin, and other areas can alter your youthful physique, making you feel less attractive. Left unmanaged, the problem can reduce your self-esteem and confidence.

Body sculpting in Troy can address this issue. This plastic surgery procedure trims saggy skin and removes stubborn fat, giving you a slimmer, sleeker, and healthier appearance. It may be an ideal way to improve your appearance quickly, helping you reach your aesthetic goals.

What is Body Sculpting?

Also known as body contouring, body sculpting procedures have three primary goals: trimming loose skin, eliminating excess stubborn fat, and contouring the problematic area. Plastic surgeons can use tummy tucks, double chin surgeries, facelifts, liposuction, or breast lifts to help you achieve your desired beauty goals.

The right body contouring procedure for you depends on your physique and your cosmetic goals. Scheduling a consultation with our Troy office can help you understand your options.

Body Sculpting Risks and Complications

Generally, body sculpting done by an experienced plastic surgeon is safe. However, on occasion, patients might experience complications such as bleeding, pain, and swelling. Most of these complications subside as you recover.

The Ideal Candidate for Body Sculpting

Body contouring may be suitable for patients in Troy if exercising and dieting alone cannot eliminate stubborn fat on body parts like your arms, belly, neck, thighs, and chin. These cosmetic procedures remove excess skin and unwanted fat to improve your appearance.

Aside from getting rid of fat, body contouring operations can also help with loose skin on the arms, neck, thighs, belly, or buttocks. Sagging skin can result from aging, pregnancy, or weight loss. While most adults can benefit from body sculpting, these surgeries might not be ideal for overweight people with a BMI above 30. This medical procedure is also inappropriate for pregnant women or patients who use medical devices like pacemakers, have blood clotting issues, or have an active skin condition.

The Body Contouring Process

Typically, this procedure starts with discussing your goals with a plastic surgeon and assessing if you are eligible for the treatment. Once the surgical team determines your desires, you will undergo a particular body contouring procedure. Here is a detailed overview of what to expect from the start to the end of this cosmetic makeover:

Appointment with Your Plastic Surgeon

On the first appointment, you will meet with Dr. DeLuca-Pytell in Troy to discuss your goals and assess your suitability for body sculpting. During the consultation, Your Girlfriend the Plastic Surgeon assesses your overall health, reviews your health history, and evaluates the problematic area. These details help determine whether body sculpting is ideal for you.

Preparation for Your Body Sculpting Procedure

After the assessment, your surgeon might ask you to stop smoking or drinking alcohol for a while, improve your hydration, and cease using blood thinners like NSAIDs, fish oil, vitamin E, and aspirin. The restrictions prepare your body for your surgical procedure.

Undergoing the Contouring Procedure

During surgical body contouring, your plastic surgeon starts by marking the areas to be contoured.  After anesthesia is administered, you will be safely positioned on the operating table. Next, the surgeon makes incisions to remove and tighten skin, remove excess fat, or both. It is not unusual for the procedure to take several hours to perform, depending on what sites are contoured.


Patients of body contouring heal within six weeks after which they can resume all their usual activities. The scars and result will tend to improve as time passes. During the healing process, you might have to avoid direct sunlight exposure, protect surgical areas from contaminants, and avoid strenuous activity.

Schedule an Appointment to Talk about Body Sculpting in Troy

A body sculpting procedure may be an efficient way to gain your desired physique quickly. Your surgeon can eliminate excess skin and stubborn fat to give you a slimmer, more proportionate body that enhances your self-image.

Dr. Danielle DeLuca-Pytell has over 15 years of experience with various cosmetic procedures like mommy makeovers, breast lifts, and breast augmentation and has some of the best reviews in Michigan. Contact us today to discuss body sculpting in Troy.

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