Kybella in Troy

Kybella in Troy

For people with submental fullness, or a double chin, there is an injectable treatment for removing fat. Our bodies naturally produce deoxycholic acid which breaks down fat in the digestive system. Synthetic deoxycholic acid—Kybella—can be injected into the fat under the chin. The fat cells are then dissolved permanently.

Who is Kybella for?

This procedure is for women who desire improvement of their double chin but do not wish to have surgery.

How it is Done

The treatment area is marked and a temporary grid tattoo is placed on the skin. A series of small injections are performed.


For people who do not want to have surgery, Kybella is a good option for improving the double chin.


Multiple treatments spaced about one month apart will be needed to reduce the submental fat. Studies showed almost 60% of patients required 6 treatment sessions. Following the treatment, swelling is noted which can be significant and last a day to a few days. If there is also submental laxity (loose skin) along with the fat, the loose skin may look worse after Kybella.


For a few days, your double chin may look larger. Bruising and swelling can occur. Numbness may be present. The area treated will feel firm at first, and may stay that way for several weeks. You may return to your normal activities when you feel ready. Exercise should be avoided while the swelling is present.

Who Pays for Kybella Injections?

This is a cosmetic procedure, paid for by the patient.

What to Expect

Length of the Procedure

​30 minutes.

Anesthesia Used

​Topical anesthesia, and ice.

In or Outpatient?

​This is an office based procedure.

Time until Final Appearance

2 to 6 months, depending on how many treatments are required.

Side Effects

Temporary swelling, bruising, and some pain commonly occur. Swelling can be significant.

Risks of Procedure

All surgery carries risk. I recommend patients carefully weigh the benefits of having surgery against the potential risks which may arise. Risks include pain, bleeding, infection, damage to nearby structures, need for other procedures, recurrence of skin laxity, dissatisfaction with appearance, asymmetry, seroma, sensory changes including permanent loss of sensation, temporary or permanent changes in facial movement, wound healing delays requiring wound care, deep vein thrombosis, and pulmonary embolus. A complete list of risks will be discussed with you before surgery.

Consider Kybella Injections in Troy to Address Excess Chin Fat

For those dealing with stubborn chin fat, Kybella in Troy could be a great option for removing fat. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Danielle DeLuca-Pytell to learn more.

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