Skin Tag Removal in Troy

Skin Tag Removal in Troy

When small skin flaps appear on your skin, they can cause irritation, get caught on clothes, and cause feelings of self-consciousness. You have solutions available to you. Dr. Danielle DeLuca-Pytell is a board-certified plastic surgeon who has experience with skin tag removal in Troy.

Dr. DeLuca-Pytell takes a transparent approach with every patient, knowing that each cosmetic journey is unique. At our practice, your comfort, confidence, and safety come first. With advanced techniques and a patient-first mindset, our team can restore your skin’s smoothness with natural-looking results. Feel comfortable in your skin again by working with a doctor who is here to listen, educate, and guide you on your aesthetic journey.

Skin Tags and Their Types

Skins tags are little skin-colored bumps that seemingly pop up out of nowhere. The official medical name for this condition is acrochordon. Skin tags come in different shapes and textures. Some skin tags dangle off your skin like a floppy piece of excess flesh. Others feel harder and more rigid. Certain types of skin tags even have a little stalk attaching them to your skin.

While skin tags are common, they can be annoying. You may feel self-conscious about those bumps, especially when they show up in places on your body everyone can see. These tags can become painful, red, and irritated when they get caught on your jewelry or clothes. While most skin tags are harmless, a bunch popping up at once might indicate other health concerns. During your initial consultation, our Troy team can assess your skin tags and medical history to determine whether removal is an ideal option.

Methods for Removing Skin Tags

When you are tired of the irritation, bleeding, or embarrassment from having pesky tags, come to our Troy office for skin tag removal.  This quick procedure involves numbing the area and sharply removing the tag. Cautery is sometimes used as well.

Our Team Offers Skin Tag Removal Treatments in Troy

You deserve to feel 100% comfortable in your skin. If distracting and annoying skin tags have been dragging down your confidence, you can take back control with the help of a cosmetic specialist. Dr. DeLuca-Pytell offers quick, safe treatments to get rid of those annoying bumps so you no longer have to experience irritation ever again.

Take a step toward reclaiming your skin’s natural beauty by reaching out to the pros and exploring your options for skin tag removal in Troy. The time is now to refresh and restore your skin. Call Dr. DeLuca-Pytell today to learn more.

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