Breast Lift with Implants in Troy

Breast Lift with Implants in Troy

Breast Lift with Implants

For women with a nipple droop, saggy breasts, and smaller-than-desired size, a breast lift and implants may be indicated. This operation is more complex than either a breast lift or a breast augmentation alone. The lift aims to remove tissue to improve shape, and the implant aims to add volume. These two goals require just the right balance between increasing size and decreasing skin. Please see the pages on breast lift and breast augmentation.

Length of operation

3-4 hours

Anesthesia used

General anesthesia, you will be asleep and monitored the whole time

In or out patent

Outpatient surgery, you will go home the same day.

Side effects

The change in shape of the breast comes with a trade off for permanent scars. These are located around the areola (the colored skin around the nipple), vertically from the areola down to the fold, and may also include a scar in the fold itself. Nipple sensation may change or be absent after surgery. Women who want to breastfeed after this operation may be unsuccessful.

Risks of procedure

All surgery carries risk. I recommend patients carefully weigh the benefits of having surgery against the potential risks which may arise. Risks include pain, infection, bleeding, damage to skin, nerves, blood vessels, dissatisfaction with the appearance of the breasts, breast asymmetry, unsightly scars, blood clots in the legs and/or lungs, wound healing delays, loss of sensation of the nipples, death of nipples, and death of skin. A complete list of risks will be discussed with you before surgery.

Time till final appearance

6 months to one year

Length of results

Should be long lasting, but breasts can increase or decrease in size with weight changes. Pregnancy or other hormonal changes can also increase breast size. As time passes, elasticity worsens and skin can stretch giving the appearance of droop again. Changes with age are expected.

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