patient after recovery
The Big Reveal!
Last month, I promised a regular newsletter to spotlight surgical and non-surgical treatments, a new product, and something personal.  It doesn't get more personal than...
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before and after breast augmentation
Saving Lives
Three times in my life as a plastic surgeon, I have been told by a patient I treated that I saved their life, literally.  Once...
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The Doctors tv show
Exciting News! I will be a part of the television show called “The Doctors”
  The trailer for The Doctors "One woman’s life-changing tummy transformation!" is out... Watch the trailer here - Tune in or set your DVR! Some...
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female model posing with hair down
Something Truly Amazing Happened Today
Something truly amazing happened today.  I can’t take my eyes off of my own face. For as long as I can remember, I haven’t liked...
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girl receiving facial procedure
What to Expect at Your First Appointment
What to expect at your first appointment with Dr. DeLuca-Pytell: Welcome!  Thank you for choosing to me to help you achieve your goals.  Here is...
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makeup over a vanity
Vanity- The Only One Should Be by Your Bathroom Mirror
Vanity.  We should only be using this word when talking about the place in the bathroom where women keep their makeup.  But I hear the...
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model laying in bed wearing black lingerie
The Poop, The Whole Poop, and Nothing but the Poop
Constipation is a common, but manageable, post operative occurrence.  Narcotic pain medications slow down the intestinal peristalsis, your body’s way of moving food through your...
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girl with cigarettes
What You Should Know About Smoking Before Operations
Everyone knows that smoking isn’t good for you.  Smoking can cause lung cancer and heart disease.  It prematurely ages the face, causing deep creases, especially...
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scar face
Everything you need to know about scars
“I don’t want to have a scar.” “Will I have a scar?” “My scar didn’t heal.  You can still see it.” These are many things...
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