Piercings in Troy

Piercings in Troy

When you want to add extra sparkle to your face or body, consider getting piercings in Troy. Whether you want to pierce your ears, navel, or nipples, you can benefit from having an experienced plastic surgeon perform the procedure. A plastic surgeon can perform a professional medical assessment to ensure you receive the best possible care.

Dr. Danielle DeLuca-Pytell is a board-certified plastic surgeon you can trust to perform your piercings with your safety as a top priority. At our office, we offer ear, nipple, and belly button piercings and can also correct or repair issues arising from previous piercings.

Piercings Explained

Piercings involve creating an opening in a specific body part to insert jewelry or a decorative ornament. Piercings are a great way to express yourself and enhance your appearance and have been a part of numerous cultural practices for centuries. The time it takes for your body to heal will vary depending on the location of your piercing and your overall health.

Piercing Options

We offer a variety of piercing options at our Troy office. We also use local anesthetic for all piercings, ensuring comfort during the procedure. For your ears, we can pierce your earlobes or cartilage. Your earlobes are the most common location associated with earrings, but Dr. DeLuca-Pytell can also pierce your helix, tragus, and conch.

Additional areas on your body our team can pierce include your belly button or nipples. While these piercings may be less visible in your daily life, they are a wonderful form of self-expression and can even boost your confidence.

Why Should I Get My Piercings Done By a Plastic Surgeon?

When you are considering getting any type of piercing in Troy, you should schedule your appointment with a plastic surgeon. Plastic surgeons have more experience than estheticians, so they can offer additional medical insight and expertise.

Because plastic surgeons know sterile procedures, they can guarantee cleanliness. Better hygiene means less chance of infection and a greater ability to heal safely and completely. A plastic surgeon may also be able to identify if you are at risk of an allergic reaction and offer direction on potential workarounds, such as using hypoallergenic jewelry.

Another reason to see a plastic surgeon is when you have had a problematic piercing in another facility. Dr. DeLuca-Pytell has experience managing and correcting problems arising from previous piercings, such as infections, ingrown piercings, or allergic reactions. She can also address lobule tears and keloid scars.

Schedule a Professional Piercing Appointment in Troy

When you want to express yourself and give your looks a boost, schedule an appointment for piercings in Troy with our skilled plastic surgeon. Getting your piercings in a medical environment helps ensure the process goes smoothly. If something with your piercing does go awry, you can rest assured you will have immediate assistance from a qualified professional.

To get your ears, nipple, or belly button pierced in a safe and comfortable environment, call Dr. DeLuca-Pytell and schedule your piercing appointment today.

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