The Latest: Blogs, Media, Happenings

The Latest: Blogs, Media, Happenings
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Lingo From the Plastic Surgeon’s Office

Consultation—the meeting you will have with the surgeon to talk about a new issue.

Flap—a word for tissue moved to a new place, but still left with its own blood supply.

Pedicle—a word that refers to the blood supply of a flap.  It can also refer to where the blood supply comes from for tissue left behind (as in a breast reduction).

Pexy—a word that means to lift or suspend (a breast lift is also called a mastopexy)

Augmentation—a word meaning to make larger, usually associated with breasts but can be used with other body parts (example: augmentation rhinoplasty)

Mammo—the root word referring to the breast.  Mammoplasty=breast surgery

Graft—a word for tissue moved to a new place without a blood supply.  This tissue relies on its new location for its blood supply (blood vessels have to grow into the grafted tissue for it to survive.  Example:  skin graft or fat graft).

Rhinoplasty—surgery to reshape the nose

Blepharoplasty—surgery to lift the eyelids (though, interestingly, not called a blepharopexy)

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