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The Latest: Blogs, Media, Happenings
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How to Manage in the Ugly Duckling Stage After Facial Surgery

One of the obstacles any prospective plastic surgery patient faces is how to manage the downtime and the changes associated with a change in appearance.  For breast and body surgery, it is easier to conceal the changes under clothing and show off the new you (or not) after healing is complete.  For facial surgery, it is more of a challenge in the first days and weeks after surgery.  Here are some tricks patients have shared that may help you decide how to handle the early and unavoidable postoperative social interactions:

  • Medical procedures tend to be judged differently.  Major reconstructive dental work can be blamed for facial bruising and swelling.
  • Shop for groceries one town away from where you usually shop.  Nobody knows you there.
  • Wear your hair long to cover your ears before surgery so nobody notices a change after.
  • Prior to surgery, have a visit at the makeup counter where dermablend is sold.  Dermablend is a heavier concealing makeup and hides bruising better than your regular foundation and powder.  It is sturdy enough to conceal a tattoo.

Have other tricks to share? Contact us and I’ll add them to the list!

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