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The Latest: Blogs, Media, Happenings
Oliver Christie

Happy with your look, or Happy with a letter?

Patients seeking breast enhancement often tell me they want to wear a certain cup size—a B+, a small C, a full C, a small D—which is helpful to know the amount of change they are looking for, but there immense variability between bra sizes and the women who wear them.  There is no standard C cup-sized implant.  Many different breast sizes may fit into a C cup depending on the chest width, breast width, and how a woman likes her bra to fit.  There are variations between bra manufacturers, so depending on who makes the bra, it may or may not fit.

I prefer for women to describe the look they are hoping to achieve—balanced, proportional, voluptuous, full, natural, fake—to give me a better idea of how to advise them.  I can’t guarantee a cup size, but we can work together to find an implant size that suits you.  I’d rather have my patients happy with their look than a letter in their bra.

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