The Latest: Blogs, Media, Happenings

The Latest: Blogs, Media, Happenings


I am one month post-surgery and I feel amazing. Thank you so much Dr. DeLuca-Pytell :). You have changed my life and I am thrilled to share my experience here so I can encourage others to take the first step because everyone deserve to look and feel amazing as I do.

My best friend recommended Dr. DeLuca-Pytell as she was very pleased with her tummy tuck results. My friend told me that once I meet the doctor I will go for no other consultation. I met the doc in June 2023 and got my surgery scheduled for August 2023

I have been living with super large saddlebags all my life. No matter how much I worked out they were always there and bought my confidence down. Even though I felt confident inside, outside I used to always hide behind baggy clothes. Dr. Pytell was my only hope. The moment I met her I fell in love with her. She was more like a friend who just gets you.

I still remember, after looking at my body she said I can absolutely take care of you Shail 🙂
I just starting crying because it was hard for me to believe that I finally will feel and look normal and don’t have to hide behind people while taking pics.

Her team is amazing. They take pride in their job and treat you as their family. Dr. Pytell performed OUTER THIGHPLASTY and BELT LIPECTOMY on me. I was super nervous before my surgery but Dr. and her team were always there to answer all my questions with a smile and tons of patience. My surgery went as planned. Recovery was quick. This was not an easy surgery but it felt like a breeze. Dr. Pytell is an Amazing plastic surgeon with hands of an artist. When I saw my body first day after surgery I cried and thanked God for sending Dr. Pytell into my life.

I highly recommend her. I will share pictures soon.

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