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Renee Vandenstockt

Renee Vandenstockt

Patient coordinator

    What do you do in the office?
    I have been with the practice for over ten years and was initially a patient. Along with Andrea, I am available to answer all questions patients may have regarding surgical procedures and scheduling of surgery, financing, and payment options. I meet with patients after their consultation with the doctor to provide a quote for surgery, as well as scheduling with the hospital. I also provide all necessary lab requests and paperwork prior to your surgery.

    What is your medical/general background?
    I have nearly 30 years of combined office administration experience for medical and legal offices. I studied administration and communication in college. My interest in the medical field developed when I was the director of American Bone Marrow Donor Registry. I recruited over 10,000 potential bone marrow donors locally and nationally for patients needing bone marrow transplants. I have also completed training as a Personal Trainer and am passionate about a lifetime focus on health, fitness and overall good skin care.

    What makes Dr DeLuca-Pytell unique?
    Dr. DeLuca-Pytell is a very compassionate and skilled doctor. She really cares about her patients and spends time with them to make sure they are comfortable and well informed.

    Do you have an interesting or inspiring client story?
    Many former patients of the practice that have become good personal friends of mine.

    Got a great quote? 
    “Carpe Diem!!!”