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Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation, what exactly does this mean?


Everyone wants to be able to get back to their normal life after surgery, but is there a way to recover faster depending on surgical technique?

Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation is touted as just that… getting back to your normal life more quickly and spending less time recovering. By using careful, precise, surgical technique and the placement of a conservatively sized breast implant, patients may feel like themselves in a matter of days. No drainage tubes or special wound care is required. Specialized anesthesia techniques can also contribute to an easier recovery.

While you may feel like yourself quickly after surgery, it is recommended that you rest and allow your body the appropriate time to heal before beginning activities such as housework, exercise, and traveling. Regardless of the technique used, it will take your body six weeks in order for the scars to gain all the strength they can, and perhaps a similar time for your body to adjust to having the implant.

My goal for you, regardless of the treatment performed, is to make sure you have appropriate expectations about life after surgery. My staff and I are there to help along the way.