Princess Treatment

Princess Treatment

The immediate two weeks following surgery is a critical time for healing.  During that time, wound healing is disorganized.  Scars are just beginning to knit together, and are far from full strength.  Tissues easily swell and bleed, which can delay recovery and/or cause complications.  In order to have a predictable recovery, I ask my patients to follow Princess Treatment for the first two weeks after surgery.  

If Princess Kate (or Diana, or any other you like) would not do the activity you want to do, you should not do it either!

Examples:  sorting laundry, transferring clothing from the washer to dryer, vacuuming, housecleaning, cooking, doing the dishes, running errands, bending down to pick up things from the floor, direct childcare, picking up anything over ten pounds.

Even if you FEEL like you can do these things, I DO NOT WANT YOU TO DO THEM!

During this time, there is NO EXERCISE!  Self-care is the ONLY activity I recommend.

Examples of what you can do during Princess Treatment:  read, watch TV, sit outside in nice weather, check email, binge Netflix, give yourself a manicure, knit, crochet, cross-stitch, write a letter to your best friend, do a crossword puzzle.