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May Newsletter


Summer is just around the corner, and bathing suit season is not far off!  It’s also a popular time for students and teachers to schedule surgery.  Even if you aren’t a teacher or a student, there’s still time to transform your body before it’s back to school!  Bikini, one piece, swim dress, or shorts, read on to learn how to have a flatter belly… without drains!
Surgery Spotlight:
Drainless (and sort-of painless) Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)

What?  A tummy tuck without drains?  For those of you reading this who have had a tummy tuck by me, you must be scratching your head.  Drains and abdominoplasty go together like peanut butter and jelly, right?  For years I thought so, but I am here to tell you, I was wrong.  In many cases, drains can be avoided.  Using a combination of technical variations, most folks can go home without those “necessary evil” tubes and bulbs.  Ask anyone who has had a drain, you’ll most likely hear it was the worst part of their recovery.  And painless?  In addition to rhyming well with drainless, it is the second technical change I have made.  This one significantly reduces postoperative pain and the length of time patients require pain medication after surgery.  By using a combination of preoperative pain medication, intraoperative blocks, and a specific postoperative antiinflammatory medication, the need for narcotic pain medication is reduced to a few days (or less).  With this combination, an overnight stay is no longer required and patients can get home the same day as surgery.

The surgery itself involves removing loose or excess skin at the abdomen and tightening the rectus abdominis (the six pack) muscle.  In some patients, I will also directly remove excess abdominal fatty tissue in a way that is safe and helpful to have a natural belly button contour.   This operation makes the abdomen flatter and helps to restore the continuity of the abdominal wall muscles often alleviating the “pregnant” appearance of the abdomen. It can remove stretch marks if the stretch marks are below the belly button. Patients tell me they feel better in clothing and bathing suits.   It also helps their self-confidence overall.

For more information, please call the office to make an appointment at 248-273-7700.

Full discolosure, this beautiful patient pictured above did have drains.
Nonsurgical Spotlight:
Lip Filler
Almost universally, when I suggest increasing the volume of the lips, my patients worry that they are going to look over-inflated.  “I don’t want to look like a duck” or “Don’t make me look like Angelina Jolie!” are often heard.  Lip filler is a powerful procedure, and it can be done very naturally, not just to enhance lips, but to restore volume lost with aging.  A subtle change in lip volume can make wrinkles around the mouth less noticeable and can make the disappearing lateral (outside corner) lip visible again.  Landmarks that have lost definition such as the cupid’s bow can be performed as well.  Almost any hyaluronic acid filler works in the lips, but I prefer Restylane.   Treatment is performed in the office with topical anesthesia.  For more information, call 248-273-7700.
Product Spotlight:  Silagen Strip

Two things are proven to help with scars:  moisture and pressure.  Silicone likely works because it can continuously keep a scar hydrated, and the product itself applies a continuous pressure to the scar.  While a gel or liquid silicone can be effective, for scars that are thicker or stiffer, I prefer silicone in a sheet form.  Silagen strip is a reusable product that can apply more pressure to the scar than a gel.  Within 6 weeks, softening and flattening should be noticed.  It is available in the office and can be shipped to your home directly.  Call 248-273-7700 for more information.

May 2018

Photos can educate and inform prospective patients making the choice of which plastic surgeon to see.  Because I have many more breast photos on my website, it is sometimes assumed that I either specialize in breast surgery or I don’t do facial procedures.  Neither is the case.  For breast surgery, the photos of the patients, while revealing, are still somewhat anonymous.  That is the opposite for facial procedures.  Even though names are not used, faces can be recognized.  Many of my happiest facial surgery and injectable patients are happy because it isn’t obvious that they’ve had something done.  To all of you who have generously and graciously shared your before and after photos, thank you.   For those of you who want to keep what you’ve had done between us, I respect that.  Your secret is safe with me.