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March Newsletter


I still haven’t gotten a professional head shot.
Here I am, sweaty and in yesterday’s lipstick, after a 4 mile run.
Photo credit to iPhone.
This March Newsletter will spotlight a surgery I perform but don’t show on my website (yet), an injectable treatment for aging hands, and a product I recommend to all of my surgery patients that you can find at your local grocery store.  Read on!
Surgery Spotlight:

Labiaplasty, sometimes incorrectly referred to as vaginal rejuvenation, is a surgery that has been gaining popularity in the press recently.  This is a surgery I’ve been doing for years for women who suffer from excess length of their labia minora. The labia minora (meaning smaller) are the “inner lips” of the female genital anatomy and should be hidden by the labia majora (meaning bigger), the “outer lips.”  This extra tissue can protrude or hang beyond the labia majora causing both physical discomfort and emotional embarrassment.  These are women who share stories about this tissue pulling and getting caught during exercise or even just walking.  Many report having to tuck in this tissue before an exercise class and some say it can get in the way during sexual intercourse.

The surgery involves removing the extra tissue and closing it in a way to make the scarring minimally noticeable while maintaining the appropriate anatomical appearance. The surgery takes about an hour, and the recovery time is relatively short.  For some, it can even be done in the office under local anesthesia.  For more information, please call the office to make an appointment at 248-273-7700.

Nonsurgical Spotlight:
Hand Filler
The appearance of the hands can reveal someone’s age.  The next time you think about facial injectable treatments to turn back the clock, don’t overlook your hands.  As time passes, thinning skin and loss of fat makes tendons and veins appear more prominent.  Radiesse is an injectable product that can be used to plump up the hands.    Treatment is performed in the office with topical anesthesia.  For more information, call 248-273-7700.
Product Spotlight:  Aquaphor

Two things are proven to help scars look better:  moisture and pressure.  In the early stages of healing, I recommend massage (pressure) to nearly all of my surgical patients.  Massage can help increase blood flow to an area of active wound remodeling and help collagen lay down in a more organized way.  Aquaphor is a gentle and well tolerated moisturizing ointment (moisture) that can be used soon after scars form even if there are small areas that have not completely healed.

March 2018


Last month, I shared my weight loss journey story and my before and after photos.  The feedback I’ve received has been phenomenal.  I’ve spoken about eating well and exercising regularly more in the last month than ever before.  For those of you who have changed your eating or exercise plans, congratulations!  That someone reading my story realized, “I can do this too!” means more to me than you can imagine.  Thank you also for your kind words of support.  I want to share with you one special note I received… from my daughter:

What I think is so cool is that, with getting healthier, it’s not something you have to do for only a specific amount of time until you’re “better.” You have to keep doing it and doing it. It’s so cool to see you continuing to improve and finding new and harder things to do. You set a great example for me, thank you for that. I know that you are more than capable of continuing this lifestyle.

I hope that you are inspired to keep doing it and doing it, too!  Need more inspiration?  Check out some of my favorite #Beachbody trainers #shaunt and #autumncalabrese who could easily be called Exercise Evangelists…  Or my coach, Fiorella!  Her group is ABLE Fitness.  Find her on Facebook!  You can do so much more than you think you can!

With my daughter at the Corktown 5K last weekend.  She’s still faster, but I’m determined to catch her one of these days!