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“Even the lady bits sometimes need a tip and tuck.”

Common name – Vaginal Rejuvenation, Labiaplasty. Technical name/also known as – Labiaplasty.

Benefits of Labiaplasty

This surgery is for women whose labia minora (inner lips) sit or hang outside of the labia majora. This may be an acquired anatomical change after childbirth, or it can be a congenital anatomical difference that has always existed. When the inner labia are not covered by the outer labia, tugging and discomfort may be noticed from the excess tissue that may catch during walking or exercise. Women may report that this excess can be visible in snug clothing.

How it is done: How the labia are rejuvenated.

This procedure removes the excess labial tissue while maintaining the natural anatomical appearance. If you think of the labia like a door, the outside part of the door—the part seen when the legs are together—has a different appearance than the inside of the door—the part seen when the legs are open. Commonly, a wedge of the central part of the labia is removed and then sewn together in layers. This technique maintains the anatomical appearance of the rugal fold, the edge between the outside and inside of the labia. Amputative techniques remove the excess labia but place the scar where the rugal fold should be. Sometimes, clitoral hood excess may be trimmed.



This procedure reduces the size of the labia, giving some women an improvement in appearance in clothing (and without), and gives others an improvement in discomfort. Both groups have improved self confidence.


The tradeoff for smaller labia is temporary downtime. Rest and special cleansing must be followed for two weeks, with vaginal rest and avoidance of strenuous activity for 6 weeks. Too much activity can lead to swelling and sometimes separation of the incision. Sensory changes may occur. A risk of this operation is scarring resulting in uncomfortable or painful sexual intercourse.


Who pays for this

This is a cosmetic procedure, paid for by the patient.

What to expect

Length of operation

60-90 minutes.

Anesthesia used

For a motivated patient, this can be done under local anesthetic. General anesthesia is also a choice.

In or out patient


Time until final appearance

2 to 3 months.

Length of results

Long lasting. This tissue does not come back, though remaining tissue can stretch.

Side effects

Temporary swelling and discharge may occur.  Sensation may be different initially. 

Risks of procedure

All surgery carries risk. I recommend patients carefully weigh the benefits of having surgery against the potential risks which may arise.   Risks include pain, bleeding, infection, damage to nearby structures, need for other procedures, recurrence of laxity, dissatisfaction with results.

If you smoke, it is imperative that you quit six weeks both before and after surgery.  To better understand why, please click this link:

Smoking and Plastic Surgery

“I love when patients tell me their friends and coworkers ask if they’ve gone on vacation or lost weight—their results are seen as a natural improvement. They look like themselves, just better rested.”

– Dr. Danielle DeLuca-Pytell

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