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Jennifer Biotti

Jennifer Biotti

Medical Assistant

    What do you do in the office?
    I help patients before and after their surgeries. Before surgery, I meet with patients to go over details about surgery. This includes instructions for care and the surgical consent I also make sure that all of their lab work is completed. After surgery, I help with suture removal and incision care. I also take before and after photos.

    What is your medical/general background?
    I went to Ross Medical to become a medical assistant, and I also have my degree in early childhood education.

    What makes Dr. DeLuca-Pytell unique?
    What makes her unique is the time she takes with each patient. She answers all their questions thoroughly.

    Do you have an interesting or inspiring client story?
    Each patient will have different wants and needs. Often, they express how wonderful and grateful they feel after their transformation.

    Got a great quote? 
    “Don’t wait. The time will never be just right.” ~Napoleon Hill