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Instantly Ageless

Tired appearing eyes?  Instantly Ageless is here!

This product helps to reduce puffiness and smooth creases… think “Spanx” for your eyelids.   Ideal for the patient not yet ready for invasive procedures, or for those who have incomplete correction after procedures, Instantly Ageless forms a temporary correction of the lower lid with smoothing and tightening of the skin.  While this is not a product to “treat” the bags, it is an excellent camouflage technique.

Please view the video to see how to apply this innovative product.

The concept has been tried in the past, with expensive and complicated products.  Instantly Ageless by Jeunesse offers an alternative due to the ease of application, reliable and reproducible results, and affordable price point.

Instantly Ageless uses both a natural peptide, argireline, and a silicate blend (sodium and magnesium aluminum silicate) to create a cream which sets up over 2 to 3 minutes to provide an instant result.  Patients will describe a tight sensation to the lower eyelids with a dramatic visible improvement in the lower eyelid and crow’s feet areas.  This can be used either under or over eye makeup as desired.

Instantly Ageless can be purchased through our practice or at the link below.