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These are all the procedures carried out by Dr Danielle DeLuca-Pytell.

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The Mommy Makover

“There is nothing more beautiful than becoming a mother… but those body changes can take a toll.”

The Mommy Makeover

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Star magazine

I have been quoted in Star magazine!

Star magazine

I have been quoted in Star magazine!

Video - Plastic Surgery Demystified

This is my interview with a local cable host.  The episode is called Plastic Surgery Demystified.  I talk about different aspects of plastic surgery and answer commonly asked questions.

May Newsletter

Summer is just around the corner, and bathing suit season is not far off!  It’s also a popular time for students and teachers to schedule surgery.  Even if you aren’t a teacher or a student, there’s still time to...

April Newsletter

Here it is, the last day of April… and your April newsletter.  This month has come and gone very quickly.  I had the opportunity to be my daughter’s roadie for two fantastic sailing regattas this month.  We added a...