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Vanity. We should only be using this word when talking about the place in the bathroom where women keep their makeup. But I hear the word vanity, or vain, much too frequently in my office. It is said apologetically when a new patient comes for a consultation, “I don’t mean to be vain, but…” “Don’t think of me …


Something truly amazing happened today…

Something truly amazing happened today. I can’t take my eyes off of my own face. For as long as I can remember, I haven’t liked my reflection. Plagued with acne as early as eight years old, I endured years of cystic acne treatments including two rounds of Accutane, injections, extractions, freezing, and UV light therapy.   …


Just Ask

Just Ask The Internet is a tool that has become invaluable. Access to a world of medical information at a moment’s notice is now the norm. Many of my patients have done a good amount of online research before we have even met. They are informed and ready to hear more about their procedure of …


My Post-Operative Bra Suggestions

My Post-Operative Bra Suggestions For the first three months after breast surgery, I recommend the use of a bra without underwire and minimal overall support. This is to allow for the ebb and flow of swelling which is natural in early breast healing. I have listed suggestions of bras easily found online or in stores …


Happy with your look, or Happy with a letter?

Happy with your look, or Happy with a letter? “Patients seeking breast enhancement often tell me they want to wear a certain cup size—a B+, a small C, a full C, a small D—which is helpful to know the amount of change they are looking for, but there is immense variability between bra sizes and …


How to manage in the ugly duckling stage after facial surgery

How to manage in the ugly duckling stage after facial surgery One of the obstacles any prospective plastic surgery patient faces is how to manage the downtime and the changes associated with a change in appearance. For breast and body surgery, it is easier to conceal the changes under clothing and show off the new …


Smoking and Plastic Surgery

Smoking and Plastic Surgery Everyone knows that smoking isn’t good for you. Smoking can cause lung cancer and heart disease. It prematurely ages the face, causing deep creases, especially around the mouth. Smoking also has a detrimental effect on plastic surgery. Smoking can cause massive complications after plastic surgery, so much so that I insist …

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