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The Latest: Blogs, Media, Happenings
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What Does the Day of Surgery Look Like?

Your surgery day can be an exciting and scary time… it is normal to be nervous, even for a surgery you want to have.  I think it is a sign of good mental health!  So here is what you can expect:

You will be asked to arrive at the surgery center or hospital earlier than your surgery start time.  You and your family will be greeted by someone who will take you to a private area where you can change.  There will likely be papers to sign, even if you have signed some at my office.  A nurse will meet with you and go over your medical history.  An anesthesiologist will likely do the same.  The repetition is not because we don’t talk—we do—but we are making sure that there is not a part of your history or an allergy that may have been overlooked.  It is likely that an IV will be started.  This is so you can receive medications needed to help prevent infections or to help you relax and go to sleep before surgery.  I will see you prior to surgery, and in most cases, I will draw on your skin.  These drawings are the surgical plans for you.  You can stay with your family until the nurse brings you into the operating room.

Once in the operating room, you will be given some warm blankets.  The anesthesiologist will help you off to sleep.   When you wake up, the surgery will be done.  I will see you and talk to you, but you might not remember.  I will speak to your family and let them know how you are doing.  Once you are alert and awake, you will be either brought to your hospital room or your family will rejoin you until you are sent home.

You might not feel much like eating, but you can have some tea or soup or a light meal if you are up to it.  Please try to eat something before you take medicine for pain to reduce stomach upset.  Ask for whatever help you need, especially the first time up to the bathroom.

If you are going home, I will see you soon in the office.  If you are staying overnight in the hospital, I will see you in the morning.  If you need to reach me, do not hesitate to contact me. Our Goal at Dr. Danielle DeLuca Pytell MD is to make you feel safe and comfortable.

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