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The Latest: Blogs, Media, Happenings
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Everyone wants to be a C…

Women who are big that want to be small, small women who want to be big, everyone wants to be a C.  But what exactly does this mean?

Bra sizes vary by manufacturer.  Cup sizes can vary depending if you wear a smaller or larger band.  Implant volume is measured in cc’s or cubic centimeters.  Breast reduction surgery is approved by number of grams removed.  So how do we choose a size in breast surgery?

There are no molds or sizers that correspond to bra sizes to use in the operating room.  Even with a bra fitting, the bra that fits you best may not be what the measurements say (see for a detailed explanation on bra measurements).

So I ask women, what are you looking to achieve?  Are you going to be happy with a bra that says a certain letter regardless of how you look, or are you going to be happy with a size that suits you regardless of what your bra band says?

My approach to breast size is to look at a woman as a whole.  I look at her proportion:  shoulders, hips, and bottom.  Is she curvy?  Is she slender?  Once I see her physique, I think about her as a person and about how she describes the look she wants.  Is she a triathlete who wants to remain athletic and unencumbered by large breasts?  Has she always wanted a voluptuous appearance with a generous chest?  Or is she looking to fill out what was lost after pregnancy and nursing?  Each woman has their own story.  They each have a look that they imagine.  I listen carefully and work very hard to get that look just right.  I also help to guide them along their journey of transformation.

When I discuss size with patients undergoing breast reduction, we discuss leaving them with some shape and volume.  We discuss proportion.  We do not talk about fitting into a specific size of a bra, only to say that I can’t guarantee a bra size.

When I discuss size with patients undergoing breast augmentation, the most important size to me is the width of their breast. Once I know that, I can recommend a range of implant volumes which can be tried on in a bra as an estimation of a size.   I ask patients not to get married to a specific number of CCs or be concerned about what their friend or the person in a website may have used.  Each body is different.  A 325 cc implant will look different on different people.   Once we have that range, it makes it easier to determine an appropriate size for each patient.  I also use a sizing implant in the operating room for patients undergoing breast augmentation before deciding on a final volume.

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