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Ashley Ford

Ashley Ford

Medical Assistant

    What do you do in the office?
    My duties include assisting Dr. De​Luca-Pytell with various ​in-office ​procedures​ as well as working with patients pre and post operatively.​ I am also a liason to ensure optimal communication and understanding between Dr. DeLuca-Pytell and her patients.​

    What is your medical/general background?
    I have ​worked in the healthcare field for the past six years. This has afforded me ​the ability to successfully ​manage the demands of a busy and diverse p​ractice. I​ have a calm and pleasant demeanor, ​I’m a good listener and communicator, and I bring warm​th​ and compassion​ to my patients who may be in an unfamiliar place or time in their lives​.

    What makes Dr DeLuca-Pytell unique?
    Dr. DeLuca-Pytell is unique in my eyes because she relates​ to her patients on a ​very ​personal level. I admire how she takes the time to listen to her patients​. She​ ​is very thorough, and strives to meet the needs of her patients.

    Got a great quote? 
    “No beauty shines brighter than that of a good heart”